This integration of cutting-edge training solutions at Wizz Air’s training center in Budapest marks a pivotal support system for pilots undergoing recurrent and initial Type Training. The amalgamation of MATe suite and Virtual Procedure Trainer brings forth a host of benefits. MATe, functioning as a cloud-based service platform, offers e-Training and examinations across various pilot training categories. Meanwhile, the Virtual Procedure Trainer stands out as an innovative software solution, providing immersive coaching within a virtual cockpit setting. This allows pilot trainees to rehearse and acquaint themselves with Airbus cockpit features and corresponding procedures individually. Notably, the VR tool and the A320 Type Transition Course programme, based on the utilization of the MATe tool, have received approval from the Hungarian Civil Aviation Authority. This endorsement ensures that Wizz Air can train its pilots to the exacting standards set by its Approved Training Organization (ATO).

The unveiling of these Virtual Reality-driven training features took place at Wizz Air’s training center in Budapest on March 20th, attracting attention from industry insiders. To coincide with the launch of this innovative training solution, Wizz Air conducted research revealing that a significant portion of respondents, comprising 24% of men and 11% of women, expressed confidence in their ability to successfully land a plane.

Wizz Air’s commitment to training excellence dates back to 2013 when it inaugurated its first training center in Budapest, equipped with an A320 Full Flight Simulator and classrooms. Since then, the airline has expanded its training facilities, opening a new center in Budapest in 2018 and slated to launch another in Rome this year. These training centers boast state-of-the-art equipment including three Airbus A320 Full Flight Simulators, A320 Fixed-base Simulators, Cabin Evacuation Trainers, and Fire Trainers. The introduction of virtual training solutions by Airbus represents the latest enhancement to Wizz Air’s Budapest training center.

Looking ahead, Wizz Air envisions substantial growth, aiming to train 4,000 flight deck crew members and accommodate 300 new A321neo aircraft and A321XLR aircraft by 2030 in alignment with its strategic objectives.

Attila Tóvári, Head of ATO at Wizz Air said: “We are incredibly pleased and grateful to have partnered with Airbus to create and receive CAA approval for our new programme and VR training tool. This market-leading technology will not only revolutionise the way we train our staff but the whole industry as well.

“We care deeply about our flight crews and we believe in investing in the best technology to achieve the highest and safest training standards in the market. Our flight and cabin crews are often the face of the airline to our passengers and we believe that these new tools will enable them to perform at the highest standard.”

Charbel Youzkatli, Head of Commercial Services Europe at Airbus, said: “We are delighted to have Wizz Air as the first customer to use both Airbus digital VR-driven flight training solutions MATe Suite and VPT.

“These solutions will actively contribute to Wizz Air’s digital journey in the area of pilot training. MATe Suite and VPT training solutions offer pilots an immersive experience and more flexible and efficient training. This setup also allows optimizing the overall Type Rating course whilst maintaining the highest Airbus training standards.”

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