This connected AR packaging initiative is designed to educate consumers about Dermalogica’s new product range. By scanning a QR code printed on the product packaging, customers can activate the AR experience from both the product box and the bottle itself.

The experience features custom 3D animation, interactive touch points, and screen recording functionality, allowing users to engage with the product information in a 3D space and share their interactions on social media.

Dermalogica offers a range of skincare products with prices varying depending on the specific item. For instance, their dynamic skin recovery SPF 50 moisturizer starts at $34.00, and the skinperfect primer SPF 30 is priced at $82.00.

Dermalogica provides free shipping on orders over $50, and its products are available for purchase through its official website and multiple locations across Canada, where professional skin therapists can cater to individual skin concerns.

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