The tool allows people to experiment with various colour cosmetics and hair shades in real-time.

With a focus on providing personalised experiences, users can find their perfect match and make purchases, all within a digital platform. 

Customers can now preview nearly 500 hair colour products via Walmart’s iOS app featuring formulations from brands like Madison Reed, Revlon and Wella, with more products and brands to come.

Optical Virtual Try-on Service

Earlier this year, Walmart expanded its augmented reality  and virtual reality offerings with the launch of a new Optical Virtual Try-On service.

Customers are able to virtually try on frames and purchase prescription eyewear online through the Walmart app or directly on the retail giant’s website.

Walmart says that, unlike other platforms, it uses 3D data and advanced algorithms to create a digital twin of eyewear frames, resulting in an enhanced experience. 

In an online post, Tom Ward, EVP and Chief eCommerce Officer Walmart US and David Reitnauer, VP Optical, Walmart Health & Wellness, said: “We are committed to being there for our customers — whenever, wherever and however they choose to shop with us, the customer is at the centre of everything we do.”

“We strive to streamline the entire shopping experience, seamlessly integrating it into our customers’ daily lives. Adaptive retail is how we help deliver on our purpose of live better, so customers can shop more seamlessly across platforms and space.”

“We know that helping customers better visualise how products will look in real life not only saves them time but also gives them confidence that the items they need are going to work for them and their lives.”

“With adaptive retail, Walmart is bringing the best aspects of any one channel to the other, so in recent years, it has increased investments in AR and VR technologies to better assist customers in envisioning how fashion, beauty and home items would look virtually. “

“We are excited to announce that we will be expanding this offering to enhance the way customers shop for eyewear.”

To virtually try-on more than 750 trend focused eyewear options online or in the Walmart app, customers click on the ‘Try them on’ flag in the main image on the product page.

They need to the facial scan and view the glasses as if they were wearing them looking in the mirror. Next, they customise the lenses that work best for them.

They upload a valid prescription, allow a scan to capture their pupillary distance measurements and add their customised glasses to their cart.

Opticians in Walmart’s Vision Centers across the US will be on hand to help answer questions throughout the process.

Once a person receives their online shipment, they can visit their local Vision Center and work with an optician to get any finishing touches.