“Horizon of Khufu” will take guests on a journey to the Great Pyramid of Giza and throughout the storied land of the Pharaohs. The virtual journey explores the intricate tombs of Pharaoh Khufu, followed by a visit to the Giza Necropolis, the famous Egyptian site home to the three Great Pyramids.

As the experience continues, guests will navigate the waters of the Nile, witness mummification ceremonies, and attend the funeral of King Khufu, the visionary behind the Pyramids of Giza.

This interactive presentation is distinct from Illuminarium Atlanta, established in 2021 within the Poncey-Highland. Eclipso, a French entity, has secured a year-long lease of the Illuminarium premises, temporarily renaming it Eclipso Centre. 

Alan Greenberg, an Atlanta-based entrepreneur who launched Illuminarium Atlanta in 2021 and subsequently expanded to venues in Las Vegas and Toronto, opted to lease out his space due to plans to unveil his own new show in 2025.

“We’ve been showcasing the same content in Atlanta for quite some time,” Greenberg continues, “It became stale and wasn’t optimal for our Atlanta customers. Therefore, we decided to collaborate with a partner renowned for outstanding VR experiences from Paris.”

The endeavor, crafted by Excurio Productions and tailored for individuals aged 8 and above, will premiere on Saturday, April 27. 

Participants will don virtual reality headsets throughout the experience and as they travel back in time.

“This is a 45 minute VR adventure that you can share with your friends and family in free roaming in large spaces, which is pretty unique,” Catherine Ceys, Executive Director of Excurio by Emissive. “That’s made possible thanks to the partnership with Eclipso and thanks to our own technology, to operate and gather so many people in the same space in VR.”

The journey whisks voyagers 4,500 years into the past, immersing them in Ancient Egypt across 11,000 square feet of space. You’ll roam the serene waters of the Nile, see the Great Pyramids of Giza, one of the seven wonders of the world, and mummification ceremonies. 

The show promises to display the true brilliance of Egypt while providing deeper insights into its history and culture. 

This venture is packed with integral historical facts and knowledge of ancient Egypt, thanks to collaborative efforts with Peter Der Manuelian, a distinguished Egyptologist and Harvard University professor. “They worked directly with him to produce this material to make sure that it was accurate, to make sure it was historical, and to make sure it was cultural,” Berghs said.

Having premiered in Lyon, France, 18 months ago, the show has attracted over 400,000 visitors across various locations including London, Paris, and Bordeaux, France. Captivating audiences with breathtaking views of Ancient Egypt. 

Antoine Lieutaud, CEO of Eclipso, said, “Today was content about Egypt, but we’re going to do content on more destinations. That’s the surprise.” 

He added: “This was a partnership between two companies. Excurio, led by Catherine, who is the producer who created this content,” Lieutaud continues, “And Elipso, my company, the operator who runs this type of venue.” 

This article was originally published by Hunter Gilmore for Atlanta Daily World. Read the original article here.