The activation, which will be in around 300 Verizon stores, will give consumers a chance to use an AR filter to transform the store into an extravagant regency-era environment and Queen’s Ball, which features on the Netflix show.

Meanwhile, the telecoms giant announced its partnership with Elizabeth James and Casemate to launch exclusive Bridgerton-themed phone cases.

These cases will be available in all the company’s stores nationwide and online, which will be promoted via retail signage, social media promotion and targeted media campaigns and placements.

Verizon Consumer Group, Head of Consumer Content Marketing and Advertising, Todd Oberstein, said: “Past seasons of Bridgerton landed in the top three most-watched series of all time on Netflix, demonstrating its broad appeal to consumers across the country.

“We believe that content-driven retail activations create a fun experience for customers and an opportunity for our retail teams to engage with consumers in the store.”

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