The new tool allows users to refine their searches for women’s fashion and wedding ideas by different body types, so they can see themselves represented in the inspiration they are seeking. 

According to a press release: “As people come to Pinterest in search of body positive content, with searches for ‘body positivity’ increasing by 95% over the last three months, body type ranges gives users the choice to self-select what body types are featured on their searches for women’s fashion and wedding ideas.”

“This is a major step in creating a more inclusive place online to search, save and shop. The platform has already seen that people who use body type ranges had a 66% higher engagement rate per session on Pinterest than those who haven’t used the tool.”

Body type ranges for women’s fashion and wedding related content search is now available in the US and is currently being tested in Canada. It will roll-out to men’s fashion later this year, and to new verticals and additional international markets on an ongoing basis. 

Pinterest recently launched a new international campaign to promote its suite of products for advertisers looking to convert users into buyers and enhance full funnel performance. 

Featuring action packed minimovies, the P is for Performance campaign aims to demonstrate how ads on Pinterest don’t just raise awareness about brands – they drive results.

This comes as the social media giant lays claim to as much as a 28% increase in conversions and up to a 96% increase in traffic for its advertisers.

The creative features two over the top heroines dodging dangers while discussing how modern advertisers crave a performance-based ad platform and also one that can boost conversion rates and increase traffic.

The campaign will run across paid social, programmatic and trade publication channels in the UK, US, and AU before entering markets across the globe later this year.

“Inspired by the aesthetic of iconic action movies, we wanted to tell our performance advertising story in a way only Pinterest can – with elevated style and an element of the unexpected,” says Xanthe Wells, VP of Global Creative at Pinterest.

“We took a moviemaking approach and tapped exceptional talent from the film industry to craft a high action story that breaks through the conventions of B2B marketing.”

The team enlisted industry names like Tim Goldsall, a commercial director known for his offbeat brand of comedy, and Corey Burton, a voice actor, to bring the work to life.

The campaign follows Pinterest’s first earnings call of the year, where the company highlighted its progress in its goal to become a meaningful performance player.

The percentage of revenue from advertisers who adopted at least three of its suite of performance tools increased from 2% at the beginning of 2023 to 23% by the end of the year.

According to a press release: “Brands like Urban Outfitters are turning to Pinterest, as the platform of choice to reach Gen Z and leveraging its advertising solutions to drive performance. UO’s holiday campaign used the latest ad offering, Direct Links, and saw a 132% lift in outbound clicks and a 57% decrease in CPCs for the holidays.”

This article was first published by Retail Innovation Hub. Read the original article here.