It stands as a testament to IKEA’s continuous efforts to enhance the shopping journey for their customers by infusing innovation with convenience.

Imagine the power to transform any room in your house by simply using your camera and a sprinkle of artificial intelligence magic. KREATIV delivers an interactive design experience by generating three-dimensional, editable room models. By adding, removing, or swapping out furnishings, customers gain full control over their space’s virtual redecoration with an array of IKEA products at their fingertips.

Aside from offering a playful design playground, this tool refines planning into a tangible shopping list, seamlessly integrated into IKEA’s personal account system. Shoppers can henceforth save, revisit, and share their visionary spaces anywhere, gathering feedback and inspiration from friends and family.

IKEA reinforces its commitment to customer satisfaction by merging their deep understanding of domestic life with cutting-edge AI technology, courtesy of Geomagical Labs, a Silicon Valley gem in the IKEA family. KREATIV promises a realistic and immersive view of potential home scenarios, detailed with IKEA’s signature style, pushing the boundaries of traditional online shopping.

The launch scheduled for April 23 will see KREATIV available on IKEA’s website and app, marking a milestone for convenient and personalized shopping experiences, accessible to consumers far and wide.

This post was originally published by Lidia Perska for ElBlog. Read the original article here.