Nxtedition is using the Media Production & Technology Show 2024 to demonstrate an immersive AR gallery, enabling visitors to virtually operate a studio located in Malmö, Sweden, directly from the show floor in London.

Adam Leah, creative director at nxtedition, said: “Our primary goal is to simplify storytelling and reduce the headaches legacy systems create. Our technology empowers media professionals with intuitive tools that enhance agility and productivity whilst simultaneously providing a predictable cost of ownership.”

Nxtedition is used in newsrooms, sports broadcasting and live events. Its AR gallery will be featured as part of the 2024 IBC Accelerator Programme.

The company will also show Llama 3 LLM integration on the nxtedition platform, which adds a smarter semantic search feature. Users can ask questions using everyday language, and the system will find relevant content based on those questions.

This eliminates the need for users to use specific keywords or commands to locate content. Additionally, Llama 3 will also integrate internally with OpenAI Whisper, a tool for converting spoken words into text, to automatically publish, create titles and description suggestions for social media posts based upon the Whisper transcription of the content.

Version 22 of nxtedition also includes integration with DaVinci Resolve, automated thumbnail previews for fast video preview directly in the rundown and a new map view displaying the GPS location for any asset in the platform.

This article was originally published by Jake Bickerton for Broadcast Tech. Read the original article here.