To solve this challenge, Vizrt reveals Viz Virtual Studio Go. Designed to help drive engagement whether for hybrid corporate town halls, or in education, broadcast, visual radio, or other instances where video is shared — Viz Virtual Studio Go boosts communication, understanding, and connection.

Tell more meaningful and memorable stories

Research conducted by Vizrt reveals that Gen Z, soon to be the dominant global demographic, wants immersive elements within the content they consume. 73% of Gen Zers agree that real-time data and virtual on-screen graphics add to their viewing experience, and 64% agree that real-time data and virtual on-screen graphics helps them feel more engaged with content.

“Viz Virtual Studio Go solves the problem of people disengaging while interacting with video by offering an immersive and impactful alternative. Using AR graphics and virtual sets to elevate your message, convey strategy or results, present new products, or teach complex subjects, Viz Virtual Studio Go engages audiences in a new way, which is proven to drive engagement,” remarks Ulrich Voigt, Global Head of Product Management, Vizrt.

“Our mission is to provide the high-quality and easy-to-use platform that every professional storyteller can use to produce video for any channel. For our TriCaster users, Viz Virtual Studio Go is an easy and powerful companion for those who want to take their visual storytelling capabilities to the next level.”

Pre-configured and ready to go

Engineered with Vizrt’s award-winning virtual studio capabilities, powered by Viz Engine, and built on the connected workflows of NDI, visual storytellers are empowered with best-in-class technology to create engaging presentation experiences straight out of the box.

Software and hardware are pre-configured with fully designed and customizable AR graphics and a virtual set scene is included.

Free access to up-skill with Viz University

Free access to Viz University courses will guide users, introduce them to the main use cases, and help them develop operational skills. For example, upon the initial system start-up, users are presented with a step-by-step Quick Start Tutorial to prepare Viz Virtual Studio Go for its first production in less than 1 hour.

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