At Walmart stores nationwide, Féria hair dye boxes have been equipped with QR codes that shoppers can scan to try the colors on via AR on Snapchat. The experience leverages some of Snapchat’s most advanced augmented reality technology, allowing shoppers to see themselves in 15 different hair colours with a few taps on their phone.

Snapchat users not in a Walmart store can still get in on the fun by trying out the tool (and some new hair colours) via the L’Oréal Paris Snapchat profile, or by searching for the Féria Blush Lens in the Snapchat Lens Explorer. Users can then share a photo of their hair color tests with friends for feedback in real time.

Recent research from Deloitte found that 66% of consumers are interested in using AR tech while shopping. Snap, which has made a name for itself through its advanced use of AR, has been working to make inroads with consumers outside of its social media platform via brand and retailer partnerships like this one. However, L’Oréal is the first haircare brand to partner with Snapchat for a national in-store activation.

This article was originally published by Nicole Silberstein for RetailTouchpoints. Read the original article here.