Today, the iconic hawker centre unveiled a stunning 10-metre-long heritage mural by visual artist Yip Yew Chong, alongside a collection of merchandise featuring enchanting watercolor illustrations by local illustrator Ah Guo.

As Lau Pa Sat commemorates its rich history and evolution over the past 130 years, these collaborations pay homage to its status as a cherished monument in Singapore. The works of art vividly depict Lau Pa Sat’s journey through time, capturing its transformation from the first Telok Ayer Market in 1824 to the bustling culinary destination it is today.

The unveiling of these artistic endeavors coincides with World Art Day, underscoring the vital role that local artists play in preserving Singapore’s heritage and culture. Managed by Kopitiam, a social enterprise under FairPrice Group, Lau Pa Sat has long been a beacon for both locals and tourists, offering a tantalizing array of local culinary delights and unique experiences.

To complement the artistic installations, Lau Pa Sat introduced a new 130th anniversary logo that seamlessly blends imagery of hawker culture with its iconic Victorian cast iron columns and ornate architecture. This emblematic logo, adorning staff uniforms and anniversary merchandise, serves as a visual tribute to Lau Pa Sat’s enduring legacy in Singapore’s hawker scene.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Lau Pa Sat serves as a dynamic platform for local businesses and the arts community. The Food Folks section within its premises showcases up to 100 local brands, including renowned names like Fossa Chocolate. Through collaborations with local artists and musicians, Lau Pa Sat is committed to enriching cultural experiences and fostering meaningful community engagement.

Customers can immerse themselves in Yip Yew Chong’s heritage mural, which expertly weaves together the past and present of Lau Pa Sat. Limited edition collectibles, including twin postcard collections and EZ-link card designs, offer patrons the opportunity to take home a piece of history as cherished mementos.

Meanwhile, Ah Guo’s three-part art series transports viewers to Lau Pa Sat’s early days as a bustling market by the sea, capturing the essence of traditional heritage dishes and street hawkers. From pouches to stationery, the merchandise allows customers to infuse their homes with the charm of Lau Pa Sat’s bygone era.

As part of the 130th anniversary celebrations, Lau Pa Sat has lined up a series of events, including a free Augmented Reality Heritage Trail, inviting customers to embark on a journey through time and immerse themselves in the heritage of this iconic landmark.

This article was originally published by Irone Kim for Alvinology Media. Read the original article here.