The exhibition will take place from 7 to 9 May at the Riyadh Front Exhibition & Conference Center in Saudi Arabia.

The company, which has been in the market since 2017 and now has installations in 15 countries around the world and counting, is on a mission to give flight to the spirit of adventure, enabling people to explore in a way that they have never been able to before and taking location-based flying to new heights.

New range of flying experiences on show

Frontgrid is set to launch a new range of sensational flying experiences at the show in Riyadh, and attendees can meet CEO Matt Wells at booth #C360. Giving a sneak peek at some of what is in store, Wells says to expect nothing short of mythical creatures, helicopters, and spaceships:

“We have an award-winning history of creating world-class flying experiences, combining motion-based engineering with exciting location-based VR, visual, and sensory content.

“With our new range of products, you can explore any kind of environment by flying over it in different types of flying machines. From imaginative locations to real-world destinations, our attractions can be educational, adventurous, or explorational. They can tell stories and even take people on an experience travelling through time.”

Venues, ranging from tourist destinations to shopping malls, resorts, and theme parks, will be able to combine elements of Frontgrid’s product suite to design their own flying experiences.

Wells adds: “You can now choose from Frontgrid’s conceptual flying attractions, create custom-designed hardware and content to your brief, or capitalise on our original ParadropVR under-canopy-flight stations and subscription games.

“Being able to customise both the creative theming of the ride and the content itself and make it relevant to the destination the attraction is located in creates a higher perceived value. Then you really are giving your customers something new to add to the experience of your overall offering.”

Meet the VR adventure experts

One thing that all Frontgrid’s flights have in common is the ability for riders to explore their environment on their own terms.

Wells says: “Riders use controls both to steer their own flight and we have now also developed further trigger controls to enable them to interact further with the content. This enables everything from picking up Easter eggs hidden in the games to providing shooting mechanics. We can offer single or multiplayer VR experiences and include competitive scoring and league tables. Our hardware is also built to be modular so you can easily creatively retheme and refresh your experience.”

Frontgrid has already received recognition for its attractions through award wins in the retail, VR, entertainment and leisure sectors. It has also received acclaim for some of its work in edutainment that supports environmental causes.

The Frontgrid team are experts in both the virtual and actual worlds of adventure. For instance, Wells used to run an expedition company that sent individuals on overseas trips to accomplish adventure activities and environmental and community projects before entering the tech sector and infusing virtual reality with adventure.

Having been a paratrooper in the army for a time early in his career, Wells truly understands what it’s like to fly. Now that he works in the attraction sector, he uses his expertise to help more people get the opportunity to fly. He coined the category “location-based flying,” a play on the words “location-based entertainment,” creating a category of flying adventures in urban environments. His experience also qualifies him as one of the original, genuine pioneers of Adventure VR.

Wells explains: “When you design both real-world adventures, attractions, and games, it’s interesting to see what are the elements that make an adventure. Some of the ingredients are planning practicalities, such as the destination, the duration, and the kit. Then, there is the level of challenge and the teamwork needed to solve it. Finally, there is the reward for the experience, which can be a combination of learning and fun.

“With attractions, we can take the last two elements and dial them up with gamification, rewarding outcomes with points or prizes in a league table and against an individual’s profile. We love our work – thinking about ‘what flying experience shall we build? ”What would that world look like?’ and what further imagination can we layer over it is pretty inspirational.

“I mean, what flying experience would you build if you could?”

Attendees at SEA Expo 2024 can book a meeting with Wells here.

This article was originally published by Charlotte Coates for Blooloop. Read the original article here.