In a collaboration between Singapore Tourism Board (STB) and Google, visitors to the 30 locations will be able to enjoy a more fun and informative experience with the AR renders from the Google Maps app.

Users can launch the app and look at the selected locations through the phone lens and there will be AR animations superimposed onto the view of the surroundings as it appears on the phone screen.

According to STB’s chief technology officer Wong Ming Fai, the use of AR can “deepen a traveller’s understanding of Singapore’s rich culture and history”.

At least 12 partners have joined this pilot. Thye Shan Medical Hall and Tong Heng Traditional Cantonese Pastries are among local businesses that will have their stories and content discoverable on the AR-enhanced Google Maps app.

Only Singapore and Paris have been picked for this pilot, said Google and STB in a joint statement on May 16.

There are plans to increase the number of location-based AR experiences in Google Maps in Singapore beyond 30 – building on Google’s goal of making Singapore the world’s first “AR City” in Google Maps.

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