This new tech will transport users who are sitting in their living room, into the heart of live concert halls, redefining the way we enjoy live performances.

The headset, equipped with over 50 cameras, records live music events from multiple angles, creating an unparalleled mixed-reality experience. Users can immerse themselves in performances, enjoying dynamic views from different perspectives without being at the venue and going through the traditional venue constraints.

This groundbreaking technology builds upon Canon’s MReal X1 headset, first introduced in 2022. During demonstrations, wearers were treated to captivating scenes that mirrored their movements, replicating the thrill of attending a live concert.

According to reports from NHK World News, Canon Japan is at the forefront of this innovation, aiming to offer users a concert hall-like experience from the comfort of their own space. Canon’s Muraki Junya emphasizes that the technology breaks free from the limitations of conventional concert attendance, allowing viewers to explore different positions and interact with performances on a whole new level.

The headset, based on Canon’s MReal X1 platform, boasts an impressive 58-degree x 60-degree field-of-view, providing users with an expansive canvas for their musical adventures. While still in the prototype stage, the headset holds promise for transforming the way we engage with live entertainment.

While Canon has not yet announced a commercial release timeline, enthusiasts eager to delve into mixed reality can explore entry-level options such as the Meta Quest 3 or await the arrival of the Varjo XR-4. With Canon’s hybrid display VR headset on the horizon, the future of concert experiences is poised to reach new heights of immersion and excitement.

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