The app uses augmented reality (AR) to help users preview 3D models favourite Best Buy products. That means while wearing Apple Vision Pro, they can see 3D images of how a variety of different products will look and feel in their space before they buy them. It includes big screen TVs, large and small appliances, fitness equipment, and furniture.

Just put on the Vision Pro, open the Best Buy Envision app and scroll through hundreds of options to see them appear digitally in their physical space.

Then, once users find the right option, they can easily access product ratings and pricing, send the product directly to a friend through text/email, or open the product page within the Vision Pro Safari app to make their purchase on

“Best Buy Envision is another way we’re utilizing innovative technology to humanize consumer electronics like no one can,” said Brian Tilzer, chief digital, analytics and technology officer for Best Buy. “The app allows our customers to see, in a lifelike way, how technology will look and feel right in their own homes, delivering an immersive and personalized shopping experience.”

Best Buy Envision was designed by our team specifically for the Apple Vision Pro. It creates a totally new experience that will take shopping to the next level and leave customers feeling confident in their choice to upgrade to the one TV size bigger.

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