The eight metre 360 degree sphere promises a “touch of wonder, magic and immersion” at Spiegeltent in Old Steine Gardens, Brighton.

The Butterfly Trail will send visitors to a “magical” glasshouse where they can experience digital butterflies fluttering around their heads and even landing on the palm of their hand.

The pop-up festival is in the city from Friday until June 2.

Brighton-based pub company and craft beer brewer Laine is running the Butterfly Trail with Pixel Artworks.

Laine’s co-founder and CEO Gavin George said: “It’s been an honour for Laine to bring the Spiegeltent festival to Brighton every May for the last 11 years. 

“It’s hosted some brilliantly entertaining shows in its venues – from grassroots artists to internationally acclaimed acts – and it’s delivered some excellent food, drink and festival fun for everyone visiting the city for England’s foremost arts, fringe and music festivals. 

“This year’s Spiegeltent line-up will be as compelling as ever but it will be taking an unprecedented leap forward with the addition of an AR experience to the programme. Laine is hugely excited to work with Pixel Artworks to bring The Butterfly Trail to Brighton. 

“It’s a first for both of us to deliver this at an outdoor event like the Spiegeltent but important for us to be showcasing the future possibilities of pub-based entertainment, something Laine has become well known for since it opened its first pub in Brighton in 1997.”

Tickets are available on Spiegeltent’s website for £10 a person or £35 for a group of four

Riaz Farooq, senior creative director for Pixel Artworks, said: “It’s been amazing working with Laine and being able to bring this magical immersive experience to a new audience of families and festival goers. Creating the content in a 360 degree format opens a much wider use of The Butterfly Trail experience and people can feel fully surrounded by the butterflies.”

This article was originally published by George Carden for The Argus. Read the original article here.